Top 06 Online Part Time Jobs That Pays You Good

Money is required by everyone for covering our daily expenses and for enjoying our life as well. With COVID disturbing our lives and employment as well, we all have realized the need to earn extra doing some part-time stuff even if we have a job at hand.

Top 06 Online Part Time Jobs

With the advancement of the Internet and Technology, more and more people are now able to work from Home art time and even full-time. Through this article, we have the details on the Top 06 Online Part Time Jobs. The following are:

  1. Tutoring Jobs
  2. Typing Jobs
  3. Data Entry Jobs
  4. Content Writer
  5. Freelancing
  6. Online Survey’s & Paid Reviews

1.  Tutoring Jobs

Tutoring has been a good job for a long now and it can be pursued Part-time by anyone with good knowledge of any subject. Till present, Tutoring was done in person and face-to-face sessions but with technology overtaking and emerging in every field, Tutoring can now be done online as well. The advantages of online teaching are numerous. One can teach hundreds or thousands of students at the same time and can earn very handsomely helping the students. One can also start one-on-one teaching sessions with students charging a good amount per session.

Anyone with sound knowledge of a subject can start teaching online on any Online Teaching platform like Chegg,, and Yup, etc. One can earn a  very good amount even while working part-time for some hours. Online Tutors earn according to their skills and expertise in the subject-specific. To start with online teaching, all that a person needs is a good working computer with a Camera and sound functioning properly along with a good Internet connection.

2. Typing Jobs

Typing Jobs are also common for a long and now these can also be performed remotely sitting at home as well. Typing Jobs are quite common and one who wants to earn some money on a part0-time basis can start with this.

Online  Typing Jobs do not require a person to be physically available at the office of the company. All it takes to start with is good communication skills, good typing speed, a computer, an internet connection with good speed. Companies instead of hiring candidates on full-time a role basis hire people on a part-time task basis on online portals where one can get such tasks and earn some money on a part-time basis. Although, Typing jobs pay a comparatively lesser amount than other jobs it does not require many skills and expertise other than typing and communication skills.

A person can expect something between 10,000-20,000/-per months depending on the time devoted and the company payout.

3. Data Entry Jobs

Data Entry Jobs are similar to Typing Jobs and all that one needs is language proficiency, typing skills, knowledge of any data entry software like MS Office, or any other used for Data Entry like Google Sheets. The candidates who want to be a Data Entry Operator will have an advantage if they possess a Degree. The candidate will be responsible for Data Entry tasks to maintain and update the company data in the organization’s database.

All that you will be asked to do is to convert the data from one format to the other like from Audio or Video or any other format to Text format to the company database. The Data Entry Workers are in demand as the role played by them holds great significance. Data is required by everyone to be aware of the current situation, past records and to make important decisions.

The companies that hire Data Entry jobs can easily be found on various portals where one can register, apply and get the tasks to be completed as per the specified instructions and conditions.

The Online/ Remote Data Entry workers are paid lesser in comparison to the Workers who are deputed at some office address but the advantage of Online Data Entry jobs is that one enjoys the flexibility of location and time. Data Entry jobs are paid around Rupees 12,000-20,000/- per month.

4.  Content Writer

Content Writing has emerged as a well-paying career that can be pursued part-time and full-time as well. With businesses going online and reaching out to people through their website, social media handles, and other modes, there is an ever-growing need for Content Writers across the world.

Content Writers are paid a very good amount and this can be pursued remotely sitting anywhere on a part-time basis. Companies instead of hiring full-time paid professional content writers opt for freelance part-time content writers.

Content Writers are required to write content for articles, podcasts, e-books, captions, blogs, and web content development, etc. To be a content writer one must have excellent command over language, grammar, and vocabulary along with creativity and communication skills.

Excellent Writing and researching skills are a must to be a content writer.  A good content writer is one who is able to attract an audience and can keep them engaged in the content till the end.

To start the Content Writer as a part-time job one needs to connect with some platform providing freelance content writing tasks and projects. One can register on Upwork, Fiverr, or A content writer can earn between 5,000 Rupees to 40,000 Rupees per month.

5. Freelancing

Freelancing is a term that has become very popular now. It includes working from home or anywhere on a freelance basis for some particular project or task. Freelancing can be done for anything that can be performed remotely including Web Development and Designing, Creative Designing and Graphic Designing and etc. Following are some of the jobs that can be performed as a freelancer:

  1. Web Development and Designing
  2. Creative Designing and Graphic Designing
  3. Social Media Management
  4. Search Engine Optimization
  5. Mobile App Development
  6. Virtual Assistant/ Admin Assistant
  7. Translation
  8. Customer Service
  9. Logo Design
  10. Video Editing and Content Curation Services

The above-specified is just a list of 10 skills that can be freelanced but the list is huge.

To be a freelancer, one needs to have the specified skill concerned with the particular field. Companies need the services of such freelancers on a regular basis and are looking for such talented freelancers. The need for freelancers is ever-growing as companies restrain from hiring employees on a full-time basis for tasks that are not required on a daily basis. Freelancers are very well-paid depending upon the skill, expertise, and total experience one has.

To start with freelancing, one needs a platform where one can get freelance projects from clients. There are a number of platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelance, and others where one can register and can get projects and tasks from employers. These platforms work as middlemen and provide the security of payment once the task has been completed. There is no limit to the earning opportunity in freelancing.

6. Online Surveys and Paid Reviews

Surveying was previously done face-to-face in person only but nowadays one can take surveys online as well. There are dedicated websites where one can submit and fill surveys on a particular topic or business or issue. These websites conduct surveys on the behalf of some business entity or else. These are paid surveys and one gets paid once the survey is completed.

Businesses and organizations conduct surveys for various reasons like knowing about the tastes and preferences of the customers, reviews about a product or service, and anything that they need data and details on. Such portals ask their users to fill up surveys and review some products and services. The portals where one can start with Online Surveying are Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, Mypoints, Slice the Pie, Humanatic, etc.

Besides Online Surveys and Paid Reviews, one can also complete some other tasks online and get paid like Researching, Reviewing Calls, and Music, These tasks will not help you earn a living but will surely help cover some expenses on a daily basis.

One can also earn money by referring friends and knowns to these platforms for filling up surveys and reviews. Once the person you had referred has registered and completed the survey, you will be paid.



To sum up, we can say that there are a number of opportunities and jobs that one can start remotely on a part-time basis being a student, housewife, or else. One can enjoy the flexibility of place and time and can pursue the activities that he or she has to do. Going through all the above discussion will help you get an idea of where to start and how to start with the Top 06 Online Part Time Jobs.