The 04 Best Entry Level Jobs 2021

The pandemic of Covid 19 has disrupted everyone’s life whether it is a businessman or a professional or a student. All are facing the heat of the covid 19 pandemic in a way or the other. If you are a student who just graduated from college now or last year just before the pandemic then it is no surprise that you must be looking for a job as a fresher.

Anyone looking for a job as a fresher is suggested to go through this article irrespective of the fact that which field or subject in your course of study. We know what job one can expect depends upon the subject of his or her course but there always remains an exception. One can get any of the jobs provided below irrelevant to their subject of study. These jobs demand one to be passionate, dedicated and committed more than anything.

Actuarial Assistant

An Actuarial Assistant is an entry-level job where the candidate is required to apply statistics and mathematical calculations in order to determine the probability and likelihood of a particular event mainly damage and loss arising out of any event. Actuarial Assistants are mostly recruited by Insurance Companies and large private and public firms which need to decide about social security schemes. An Actuarial Assistant also helps in deciding about rates of premium and how to be profitable.

Requirements to Apply:

One must have a degree and those with a degree in maths and stats will be preferred. Anyone who knows operating computers and software applications always has an advantage.

How to Apply

One can search for a job as an Actuarial Assistant and apply accordingly. If you do not find any information on any such opportunity then you may also send your updated resume to the official email ids of the concerned organizations. They will then get back to you if they need or will need a candidate for the role of an Actuarial Assistant.

Human Resource Executive/ Specialist

A Human Resource Executive is an entry-level job and nowadays anyone with a degree can enter the HR field as he or she is provided with the task of candidate sourcing. An HR Specialist is also provided with the task of maintaining better employee relations by resolving their queries and attending to their concerns.


Anyone with a degree can enter this field and those passed out with a Degree in HR specialization have an advantage.

How to Apply

Check all the job portals and search for the specified job vacancy. One will not be disappointed as there are numerous job opportunities in the HR domain for entry-level roles.

Purchase Agent

A Purchase Agent is the one who is provided the task of purchasing the required goods and services for a firm. The person is required to make sure that all the items required are in stock and are purchased at competitive rates.


One must have a degree and must be a good negotiator with good communication and interpersonal skills. You can look for any opportunity and apply accordingly.

Sales Representative

The job of a sales representative is the most common entry-level job and every organization requires a salesperson whether it is selling products or services. Not only this is an entry-level job and does not require experience but also one can earn high as sales role comes up with sales incentives and bonuses in the form of extra earnings if you are able to achieve high sales figures for the company.


One needs to usually have a degree but in certain cases, companies do not even ask for a degree. All they need is a candidate who can drive sales and hit the required sales targets.



It is always advised to get into a job in your field but when you are not able to find one of your choices for a long time then it is always good to start with any job as you will gain experience and skills no matter if it is not of your field.