ONLINE BOOKKEEPING JOBS: Salary, Types & Other Details

Bookkeeping is required to keep an organization running smoothly, but what does it mean?

An organization is required to maintain data of its inventory, sales, expenses, and invoices. A bookkeeper is the one who supervises, tracks, and upgrades this data. Their job is crucial because it aids accounts in reviewing financial data and draws a broader image of an organization’s complete finances.

A bookkeeper does more than only compiling numbers and keeping receipts. They regulate and manage some of the most crucial works in complete accounting. Find how to apply for online bookkeeping jobs.

Accounting vs. Bookkeeping

 The biggest difference between the two is that accounting is about specific details about a company’s financial activity, while accounting looks at the whole. Accounting records the day-to-day business operations of a company. They accurately track and record purchases, sales, inventory, and more. It is crucial to keep this data for financial forecasts and audits. Auditors use the information collected by auditors to analyze the overall finances of a company. They classify the things that auditors organize to get a bigger picture of a company’s spending habits and earning potential. In general, accounting is a good starting point if you are a prospective accountant. Accounting has lower barriers to entry and lowers salaries than accounting services. Many companies can promote bookkeepers to accounting services even if they do not have the necessary training.


Based on your mode of employment as an accountant, your salary may vary.  Zip Recruiter lists the national median salary for freelance accountants at $ 58,315. But, this can vary depending on location, experience, certifications, and various factors. Accountants, like many freelancers, are usually billed per hour rather than earning a fixed salary. Young accountants generally earn about $ 17 an hour. Assuming a 40-hour workweek, this equates to a salary of $ 35,000 per year. But accountants can earn up to $ 60 an hour if they get the right accounting training. Auditors generally earn less than auditors. This is because accounting requires more training and expensive certifications.


Like many professionals, accounting offers two job options: join a company directly or work as a freelancer. Both types of accounting jobs have their ups and downs.

Direct employment

As an employee of an accounting or bookkeeping company, you can still work from home and you do not mind looking for work yourself. The company assigns you customers and you can devote all your energy to serving them. But, your revenue potential will decrease as there is an intermediary. The business pays for itself first, then you. 

Freelance bookkeeper

If you want to keep the total amount that the customer pays you, the best option is to be self-employed. You have to earn the online business yourself, but you do not have to share your salary with anyone. It takes a little more training and individual resources, but it’s worth saving the money you earn and possibly starting your own accounting firm one day.


Unlike accounting, accounting does not require formal education or expensive degrees. Most auditors have an associate or bachelor’s degree in economics, accounting, commerce or some other related field. However, this is not a strict requirement. In fact, you can become an accountant right after high school if you are organized and good with numbers. With accounting, like most professions, you have to put one foot between the door.

You can opt for an internship as an accountant. in which you will learn about important programs such as a payroll check generator and how to use it for your work. All in all, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in an auditing role. After working as an accountant for about two years, you are eligible to become a certified public accountant. This certification is issued by the American Institute of Professional Accountants, an organization that helps maintain industry accounting standards. It’s basically about letting customers know that you’re not a street charlatan who’s going to ruin their financial records and ruin their business.

Of course, you can still get an accounting job without certification, but becoming certified can help you get more questions about your services and gain more customers. If you want to go even further, you can become a Certified Public Accountant through the Swedish Association of Certified Public Accountants. This distinction can help you further develop your accounting career and motivate an even higher salary scale. To retain your CPB award, you must complete at least 24 hours of additional training each year.


The best thing about the internet is that there are resources for everyone, including prospective accountants. Whether you want to learn more about accounting, apply for freelance jobs, or apply for employment with an accounting firm, here are some sites that can help you reach your goal.

An accountant

Your head may spin as you read all this. If you’re still baffled, this video series on beginning an accountant career is a good place to initiate. Bookkeeper is a company that knows it wants to work for you, not some random anonymous company. That’s why they go above and beyond to give you the tools to help you build an accounting business that can continue to grow. Bookkeepers provides a feature known as Bookkeeper Launch, which teaches you all the details of accounting and how to build a sustainable, virtual accounting business. They also teach you all the software you need to manage accounting in the 21st century. Best of all, you’re connected to hundreds of other virtual accountants just like you. With its educational video series and a team of accountants, accountants can help you build a profitable and flexible virtual business.


BookMinders offers full-time and part-time opportunities to employees. All online works can be performed remotely. Most of their customer base is non-profit, so having experience in this industry helps. Depending on your customer, you can take advantage of additional benefits. Employees benefit from flexible working environment, a variety of training and development chances, and incentive-based revenue. If you perform well, you can earn bonuses. BookMinders are not firm when it comes to needs. You have at least 2 years of accounting experience. Those with an AA degree may be above the rest. Flexible jobs

Are you someone who needs a free distance job with flexible times? 

FlexJob is a job board, especially for flex jobs. You can apply for and apply for vacancies in a variety of areas whenever you want. It is a great platform for individuals who want to work as a freelancer. As a freelancer, you must bid and win all projects. It can be a challenge, but thanks to FlexJobs you can find many people who need help with accounting.

Click Accounting Services Accounts

Sometimes people want to be sure that they will always have a job without chasing it. This is an environment where you may wish to do a job for an auditing firm practically. ClickAccounts is an organization that employs accountants and accountants to work for them practically full time. They pride themselves on being punctual and precise in their work, which is why your customers expect it from you. Employees are expected to be accurate and on time with deadlines.


BIdaWIZ is a virtual platform that provides you the benefits of both worlds when it comes to working as an employee or freelance accountant. Even if they only accept licensed tax and accounting professionals, they let you work your own hours and help you grow a business. BIdaWIZ offers opportunities to work from home for those with a background in accounting, auditing, accounting, tax administration, and more. Basically, customers can go ahead and get ad hoc accounting requests from experts or outsource all their bookkeeping or bookkeeping to a BIdaWIZ member. You can log in anytime and anywhere to manage your customers’ books or answer questions. One of the best features that BIDataWIZ offers is its business development plan. Your group will work with you to aid you in maintaining a loyal customer base as new customers continue to arrive. BIdaWIZ requires you to register to access its platform as a professional. They require you to have your certification and/or license, graduate from an accredited university in the United States and pass a background check.


Accounting might appear to be threatening, yet it is a phenomenal way for meticulous individuals to procure extra pay either as a side hustle or as a regular job.

In case you’re keen on getting your accounting business going, Bookkeeping’s series can set you up with extraordinary central information and the boldness to begin.