Easy Work From Home Computer Jobs

Almost everyone wants to work from home avoiding the daily traveling hustle and enjoying working remotely from home. People think that Work from Home Computer Jobs is only for those who are experts of computer and have an extra-ordinary computer and technical skills. This is just a myth, there are numerous computer jobs that one can take up and work from home only.

In this article, we have mentioned all the details to be read and known by anyone who wants work from home computer Job only.

1. Virtual Assistant

A virtual Assistant plays the role of an Administrative Assistant but the difference lies here that a Virtual Assistant works remotely and provides assistance virtually without being present at the office whereas an Administrative Assistant is the one who works at the office. He is required to do all the tasks like scheduling meetings, attending to calls, chats, and emails, along with maintaining records of daily meetings and transactions.

Skills Required

A VA must have excellent verbal, written, and speaking communication skills along with time management skills. He must be able to operate daily use software and applications including Online Meeting apps, Excel and Powerpoint along with other useful tools.

Where to find an opportunity

One can search for a suitable opportunity on online job portals and freelance websites.

2. Remote Customer Support Executive

Customer Support Associates are hired by call centers and companies providing the facility to its customers to talk to a person who can resolve their doubts and queries and can handle complaints as well at the same time. Previously, companies used to hire them and anyone joining as a Customer Support Associate have to work from the office only but due to covid such companies are now hiring candidates who can work from home as a Customer Support Associate.

Companies offer them an allowance for using their own laptop and internet connection along with mobile reimbursements.

Skills Required

Empathy and Communication skills are required to be possessed by anyone looking to join as a Remote Customer Support Associate

Where to look for a job

One can search on job portals and use the filter to get the desired results.

3. Remote Data Entry Clerk

Same as Above, Remote Data Entry Clerks are also in demand due to covid so if you have prior skills and experience you can also become a Remote Data Entry Clerk.

Skills Required

One must have a good typing speed alongside the knowledge to use data processing software and tools.

You can look for the role of Remote Data Entry Clerk on online portals, you will find sufficient options to choose a suitable one for you.

4. Online Odd-Job Worker

It may sound unrealistic but what we are talking about online odd jobs is a little different from offline odd jobs. One can look for any role and start completing tasks online itself.

Online Odd-Jobs include completing surveys, Giving Reviews on products, Click works, etc. It is true that one will not be earning a handsome amount doing such kinds of tasks but certainly, these will help you earn something to cover your expenses.

We want to warn everyone that although there are online tasks which help you earn some money if you find any get rich quick scheme then please be careful the highest are the chances that it is a fraud.



We have provided details about the Easy Work-From-Home Computer Jobs so as to make you aware that one can also work from home even if he or she does not have superb computer knowledge. So, start looking for one and start earning.