Best Paid Online Teaching Jobs

Do you have command of the English Language? Is traveling your passion? Do you have a laptop with a steady internet connection? If the answer to the above questions is YES! then there is an opportunity knocking on your door – remote online tutor work is an option for you! If you’re keen on being a teacher overseas but are anxious about having to limit yourself to one particular place, we have great news for you: Tutor’s job is one of the great online work options from the comfort of your home which will help you generate decent revenue and is one of the fields growing rapidly.

There is a specific requirement for online TEFL tutors, as English language learning is a huge trend and need in Asia, especially in China. You can make money along with earning experience of global interaction. This will give you exposure to international students along with providing the flexibility of online work.

The most crucial advantage of this job is that you can earn from speaking in English, and also get options of being an English tutor without having prior teaching experience. If making money by fluent English while traveling anywhere in your choice of field, then there are numerous paid online tutor jobs that you can pursue from anywhere across the globe just from your laptop.

Few highest paid teaching jobs online

1. International TEFL Academy

This platform provides excellent quality, customized options, with a great track record of providing their alumni in works across the globe. Although initially, you need to get the certification from this platform it will be worth it and will aid you in landing a great online tutor position.

  • Requirements:  You need to get a certification from this organization, that is, through any of the courses by International TEFL Academy. These certifications can be opted for online or in-person.
  • Average revenue ranges from $10 to $20 USD for one hour initially for the tutors without any experience.

2. Preply

An online language teaching application is Preply. On this platform, pupils get the opportunity to learn the language online at the time and speed of their choice. In general, this platform welcomes each individual with a passion for language teaching to be a part of the increasing online tutor family. This platform makes a profit by keeping a commission from your lectures to connect you to the pupils across the globe. Also, they charge for the provision of video tools and devising the virtual study material to guide your teaching methods. With the passing time, this revenue rises based on the number of hours you have invested on this platform.

  • Requirements: No specific certificate or course is needed for application on this platform!
  • Average revenue ranges from $15 – $25 USD per hour which is approximately $550 weekly.

3. VIPKid

One of the highest paying online teaching platforms for the English Language. This application is a Beijing-based platform for teaching English online. The platform allows you to focus on the work that you specialize in which is to motivate the students and the backend work of daring lesson plans, grade systems, and syllabus development is managed by them only. The work is done on a contract basis for a period of half-yearly in which you can take the workload as per your convenience. The mode of money transaction is very simple with direct deposition in the account from the 10th-15th date of each month.

  • Requirements: You are quired to show experience and your bachelor’s degree. Also, you will require a laptop/PC along with a camera set up to teach online. And only US and Canadian citizens can apply for this job.
  • Average revenue ranges from $14 to $18 USD on an hourly basis along with extra incentives provided.

4. Lingoda

Lingoda is distinct from other platforms in a way that you do not need fluency in English to be a tutor of this language. This is a Europe-based platform that is in high demand by Spanish, German, French, and English native speakers.  All programs offered here are composed of tiny groups of students and you can choose the teaching hours of your choice. Tutors also get a 25% discount on any language program they provide.

  • Requirements: An ESL certification of teaching program along with 2 years of experience as a tutor with the capability of freelancing. Also, you must be a native speaker of the language you intend to be a tutor of.
  • Average revenue in this field is made on an hourly basis and varies greatly according to the language, location, and qualification.

5. Palfish

This is an online teaching platform that offers the flexibility of work. This online platform teaches the pupils through apps on mobile or tablet. This application allows starting immediately with a commitment of at least 3-5 hours per week. You can make money by talking in English with adults and children who are interested in learning. The tutors working at present describe the platform as simple in which you can set your own price.


  • Requirements: The applicants n this app must be citizens of the USA whether deciding in the USA or abroad with 48 hours of college credit points or TEFL/ESL certification.
  • Average revenue ranges from $10 to $12 USD for one hour.

6. Oakary

Oakary is one of a kind in the way this platform in reality joins you to numerous tutor positions. If you have a time crunch or do not like running out of applications, ensure looking into Oakary. With only single form submission, your details will be submitted to all relevant tutors jobs, like Magic Ears, Landi, Hujiang, VIPABC/iTutorGroup, PalFish, Shiliu, VIPKID, Am Class, SayABC, and various others! The maximum availabilities are to teach pupils of age 4-15 years, and a few classes for seniors are also available.

  • Requirements: The candidate must be a native English speaker of US/Canada/UK/South Africa/Australia/New Zealand/Ireland background; and has to teach the students from China, South Korea, and Vietnam.  A bachelor’s degree is needed for becoming an online tutor
  • Average revenue of about $15 to $32 USD hourly is expected.