Best Online Translation Jobs From Home

Looking for the best online remote translation jobs? If you know two or more languages, you can earn a lot of money by offering the services of a translator from the comfort of your home. Many organizations and businesses want to maximize their consumer base and users. And the most effective method to reach individuals is to establish communication with them in a language they know; that’s where the translation comes in. If you speak multiple languages, take advantage of this opportunity and earn a modest income. We know you are in search of translation work options from the comfort of your home, and we will let you know where you can search for this work. But before we dive into the companies and websites that hire translators, let’s take a look at some basics to get started.

How can I earn money as a translator?

Arrival order. You must know two or more languages to work as a translator. Getting the knowledge of a foreign language at school is mostly not enough to get command of the language to work as a translator. You must pass the move-in tests before most organizations and platforms offer you work. If you have a great knowledge of your mother tongue and your second language, you will be a trending person on such platforms.

Numerous translators earn a degree in translation. Some companies only hire translators with a bachelor’s degree. If you don’t have a degree, there are many online education services you can take to learn important skills. With the right language and translation skills, you can get started. You only require a good internet connection to get started as a translator and begin freelancing in this field.

How much do translators earn?

The translation is one of the best paying jobs from home. The earning from this job as a translator is dependent on the organization or job, prior experience, and the demand for your skills in the industry. The median salary for online translators is about $ 25 an hour. Some translators earn three times this amount. However, some performances will be charged according to the number of words to be translated. Now that we’ve found out just how lucrative online translation jobs can be, let’s take a look at some companies that hire translators online.

1. Translate.Com is a platform that connects translators with clients who need translation services. Their concerts depend on the translation of blogs, support tickets, medical reports, user manuals, blueprints of businesses, and posts on social media platforms. Your work on this platform will consist of editing automatically translated texts. offers services in more than 90 languages of the world. It is up to you to register, take a test run and start translating. The company distributes concerts on a first-come, first-served basis. You can withdraw your PayPal payment at any time.


Its extensive language coverage will likely cover the languages you choose Flexibility to work anywhere, anytime Constant workflow More job offers


Strict selection process

2. No baby

Unbabel is another well-established website that wants to hire translators online. As a translator at Unbabel, you can anticipate translating product descriptions, blog posts, newsletters, and online content. You can also expect to review translations with artificial intelligence to increase their accuracy. However, they hire translators based on your language needs. Check to see if they hire translators in your expert language from time to time.

The payment is made on an hourly basis, unlike most of the established translation platforms. Expect to earn between $ 8 and $ 18 per hour. They pay through PayPal and Payoneer in countries where PayPal is not available.


You can withdraw money at any time Simple translation jobs – your job will mainly consist of editing machine translations


They do not always have options for all languages at once Translation in one hour

3. One-hour translation

One Hour Translation employs translators from all over the world. To begin on this site, you need to take an online test. After the exam, you must submit your motivation to pass. Once you are approved, you can choose which projects you want to work on. You work and get paid whenever you want. You can withdraw your income from One Hour Translation MasterCard, PayPal, or bank transfer. The salary usually starts from $ 12 per hour. However, what you earn depends mainly on your language combination.


Different payment methods Constant workflow Flexibility to work anywhere, anytime You get a bonus for exemplary work and reviews.


Difficult admission process

4. Gengo

If you translate from or to Japanese or Mandarin, you will surely enjoy the Gengo experience. The demand for Japanese translators is great in this application. To get started, you must register and pass the approval test. When you are approved, your task is to review the tasks of the board and choose which one you want to work with. They pay per word or per translated character. Payment rates start at $ 0.03 per word. They pay every other month via PayPal. Depending on your test results and your reputation on the site, you will be judged as Standard, Pro or Checker. Each level has access to different jobs and has different rewards.


Constant workflow for Japanese translators Choose the job that suits you best, without an auction Rental worldwide You can redo up to three times if you fail the entrance exam They provide learning resources for translators. THE


They charge $ 1.50 for each payment

5. Smartling

If you are a technology expert, you will enjoy your Smartling experience. Most of their customers are software companies, so if you sign up you should be prepared for many modern technical jobs. You must pass an exam before you pass.


Modest salary Constant workflow


A slow support team that focuses too much on customer well-being and almost never on translators

6. Prata

Speakt is another translation agency that employs freelance translators. The initial step to begin with Speakt is to register and fill in the required information. You must then perform an online test before you can access the control panel. The great thing about Speakt is that once it is approved, you can access and choose which job you want from your instrument panel. You will receive an email when vacancies that match your profile are published. They pay monthly via PayPal or bank transfer. How much money you make per project depends on your language combination.


A professional and united support team; questions are answered quickly Simple and easy-to-use projects punctual payment Modest salary.